Water Jet technology allows quickly, qualitatively and precisely to cut hard, fragile (breakable) and compound materials under processing. This method practically allows cutting of all materials: metal, ceramic, stone, glass, plastic, wood and all other materials except shatterproof glass.

We invite to use advantages of water jet technology:

  • Measurements of the cutting table 4445 mm x 2235 mm
  • Cut margin of error ± 0.1 mm
  • Minimum cut thickness 0,762 mm
  • Maximum cut thickness 200 mm
  • There is no area affected by heat during cutting process
  • Absence of self tempering process at the cutting area
  • Absence of the plastic deformation at the cutting area
  • Narrowness and preciseness of the cut allows using maximum of a raw material
  • Cutting process proceeds with a constant speed
  • The constant angle is kept during cutting process
  • The structure of cut material remains without changes
  • Computerized cutting machine process control precisely fulfills even heavy-duty geometrical cut
  • The technology is absolutely ecological because it uses only water

We are looking forward to receive your drawings for price estimation.