Ventilation valves, or air pipe heads are mounted on deck and stay open to atmosphere and rough sea conditions. If they are made not from non corroding materials they rusting very fast.
We offering you the best possible solution – air pipe heads made from sea water resistant aluminium. BALTMARINE TRADING is representative of WINTEB – world’s largest manufacturer of aluminium vent heads.
Using WINTEB air pipe heads you get only advantages at very reasonable price, because our air pipe heads are: 
  • No corroding
  • No maintenance required
  • Small design
  • Light weigth
  • High volumetric flow
We keep on stock WIN2000 HIAS all dimensions from DN50 to DN250 both types – for ballast and fuel tanks with flanges according to DIN PN10. 
JIS, ANSI, GOST flanges are available upon request.
IMPA 872365 – IMPA 872377.

All WINTEB products are made in The Netherlands: